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Boat Rental Phuket – Factors that Influence Charter Cost

Boat rental Phuket is one of the best options for your vacation or holiday. However, chartering a yacht or boat requires you to consider numerous things including the financial requirements that you need to deal with. How much does chartering a yacht usually costs? It is important that you know some of the salient factors in order to have an accurate answer to this question.


Factors Influencing Boat Rental Phuket


One of the most influential factors to chartering a yacht in Phuket, Thailand is the number of days you need to rent the vessel. The basic and normal period of days would be seven or a week. The cost of the charter also includes other varying factors such as additional expenditure on top of the base charge.


Charter Date


The date of the charter heavily influences the basic charter rates, which is normally around the low or high seasons. The best rates are usually available when you rent a yacht or boat outside of the peak seasons. However, it is also necessary to consider other factors such as the next one.




There is a connection between the time of the year and the weather that you would have to deal with when you charter a yacht or boat in Phuket, Thailand. A lot of tourists would usually choose this Asian country because of its remarkable weather year in and year out. However, the summer months could be the most ideal time of the year if you do not want to wait around or cancel your trip due to heavy rain and strong wind.




You need to know the events that are going to happen in Phuket such as festivities and other important happenings. Prices of yacht rental could also rise or fall depending on certain dates because some affairs could make the cost expensive.


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